Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gull Wings Gray

Gull wings gray
And gleaming white
As mist on foam
At silver-shadowed dawn,
The vast and hollow roar
Of immensity brought near
Rolling into shore
In a crashing tumble,
Salt and sand and spray
Cut clean through
By an aching cry,
Taunting, flaunting,
Arrogant above,
Aloft on knife-edge wings,
"Mine, all this is mine
And I belong
And every day I glide,
Riding the horizon line
Between serenity and storm,
Peace and passion,
Water and wind.
In a sudden swoop
I shatter the divide
Separating sea and sky,
Then, leaping into air again,
I am mastered and I am
Master of them all
And here I am complete."