Monday, August 14, 2006

Left Over Chinese Food and Other Good Things

I have yummy chinese food, left over from yesterday, to eat. I have more pictures up on my wall, and drapes hung in the living room. I have hardware to hang curtains over my very stubborn bedroom window, and paint and spackle to fix the stray holes. I have new locks on my doors.

I had a big client meeting this morning, and I wore my little gray suit from Express, and I looked *fabulous*. Very professional and sharp. And I was incredibly competent. I exuded confidence. I mean, the stuff was oozing out from under my fingernails, I felt so good about life. :-P

I'm sitting on my couch snuggled into my soft pillows and my extra soft blanket feeling like today was *mine*. I got a fortune cookie yesterday that said, "You will be a dragon of creative fire this week. Watch your aim."

I'm starting to believe it. Just give me a target!


britton said...

A diem well and truly carped. My biggest problem on days like that is remembering whose they really are. ;)

laura said...

Indeed! Every day is a gift.

*Offers thanks*