Sunday, September 10, 2006

No one exSPECS this much beer in Laura's fridge

So I had a small party, at which only Frank drank beer. And he brought his own, and it was a Heineken mini-keg. So now there's that on top of the Newcastle and the Woodchuck pear cider I bought at Specs. Definitely going to have to throw another party...

But it's an ill wind and all. To get the Newcastle and cider I went to Specs. The big one downtown. I've been there before with friends on a mission for specific things. This was my first time to wander the store on my own, with nothing too specific in mind.

First unexpected and thoroughly blissful discovery. Nutella. NUTELLA. OH my gosh. I fell in love with Nutella on a sidewalk in Paris, when it was handed to me surrounded by a warm fluffy crepe. I've heard some regular grocery stores sell it too, but I hadn't really had time to look for it. So when it jumped out in front of me like that, what could I do? I bought some. May have to make crepes next... Heh, and they're so much fun to make! They go FLIP, PLOP, hopefully back in the pan. :-P

Second unexpected yummyness. The cheese aisles. I'd heard they were extensive, but honestly I hardly knew where to begin! All I needed was Brie. But how could I resist wandering the entire section, just to gawk at the myriad of kinds and flavors. That place could very well be deadly. I was lucky to get out of there with *just* the Brie. Will have to go back when I have a clearer idea of what I really want, so I don't end up spending a king's ransom on dairy products.

I decided that now was not a safe time to impulse-buy myself into a mini-bar. After all, not that many people would want to drink hard stuff on a Sunday afternoon. (I was definitely right about that!) Besides, I've got a bottle of wine on the way from California, so I really don't need anything else. Heaven only knows what this almost-teetotalar would have come home with. Grand Marnier seems likely. Maybe next time.

Found the beer fridge, and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to remember, upon examining the pear cider options, which one the folks order at Brian O'Neill's when we're there. So the entire trip was a wonderful success, and tons of fun.

Only no one drank the stuff *I* bought, and now I've still got Frank's mini-keg. Sigh. I suppose I could have worse problems. :-P


Katy Scarbrough said...

Ace pear cider is yummy as well, though sometimes a bit more expensive. i think i like it better, but i can't decide.

the Gingerman has it on tap.

Joanna said...

Kroger has Nutella too. I usually see it in the bread/produce area.

Stephanie said...

I'm telling you, bring it to rehearsal! Will be lots o' fun... :)

Erin said...