Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Digs!

I spent the weekend scrubbing my new place from top to bottom, taking measurements, creating floorplans, and filling the refridgerator with Gatorade.  I'm exhausted, but it was very productive, and I'm very excited!

I did have one scary moment while I was vacuuming.  I stuck the nozzle of the hose down into a nook beside one of the fireplaces, and pulled out... well, at a glance my stomach dropped because I was pretty sure it was a dead mouse.  If I could have reversed the vacuum and put it back, and had had someone else to come deal with it for me, I'd have done that.  But it was up to me, so after a few frozen moments, I pulled the nozzle nearer and saw... a rubber mouse cat toy.  Whew!

I need weather stripping, and the air conditioner doesn't really cool, so that needs fixing, but I love it love it love it!

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