Friday, July 03, 2009

Elegy for a Fading Love

Shower streaming down on me
Early morning elegy
For a love not meant to be

Hot water pouring down on me
Cleaving me and crumbling me
Bits of me dissolved
Down the drain
Lost in sobs and shudderings
Drawn from me
Explode from me
Feeling love’s grasp slackening

Kill it now! It’s weak.
Crush it under foot, be strong!
Be brave…
Be quick…
Burn its Hydra neck before
Another head leaps out
Mouthful of teeth to bite and hold…

Not strong, not brave, not quick
Waiting, watching frozen still
Feel it loosen, washed down
Worn down by tears
Clinging somewhere out of sight
Faded into grief and night

I could have loved forever…
Couldn’t I?

Can’t I?

Won’t I?
Will I ever?

Now to live again just out of reach
Just out of touch
Heart wakened from a dream
Just to find itself alone

Come back but cold and quivering
Drawing heat from shower steam

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