Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hail, Poetry

I've realized that I've started posting to Facebook a lot, and here not at all. I suppose there might be some overlap, but I do have a special place in my heart for Scribbledom, and so this makes me sad. Well. I have complete control over it. Here is a poem I've posted to Facebook recently. Enjoy!
Caddo Shade

Impossibly white
Like a ghost or a god,
An alabaster egret
Stands in somber niche,
Ancient, aloof, enigmatic,
Barring the gates
To a shadow world
With eye of unconcerned flint
And gleam of unworldly elegance
Between the cypress trunks
Like stony temple columns
Surrounded by worshippers
On their knees
Frozen in mystic rites
Beneath fluttering wraiths
Of trailing, faded moss,
Like tattered banners
Of long forgotten kings,
Barring the gates
To a world apart
From blue sky and blue stream,
Green moss beneath
Green leaves above
A world suspended,
Dark and still, a mystery
Between water and air
Haunted by one white spirit.

The way is shut.
I dare not pass
The silent sentry.
Even sun rays are muted,
Unable to penetrate
A secret inviolate.

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