Thursday, December 28, 2006

Finally Moved In!

But... Laura... you moved to your new apartment MONTHS ago.

I know. But I wasn't really moved in. There was one *tiny* detail that really kept me unsettled. That nagged at the back of my brain. Wouldn't let me really feel at peace in my lovely new apartment. Something I rarely fully, consciously contemplated, but that tortured my psyche in little ways. A demon I could not exorcise. A ghost I could not lay to rest. Until today.


So, it pays to go the extra mile for Mom. I decided to really wrap her Christmas presents, not just tape them into the nice little store bag, pretty though it was. So I pulled down my bag'o'bags to find a nice Christmasy one. I know I'm late, but I was sick! She and Kid are coming into town tomorrow, so tonight I'm cleaning up, wrapping presents, and listening to my favorite Christmas CDs. (These are, incidentally, Indigo Christmas, which is jazz, Winterlude, which is contemporary contemplative something or other with guitar, percussion, and synth, sound cheesy, but I like it, and Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols, yes, I'm a nerd).

Anyways, I pulled down the bag'o'bags, and stuck my hand it to root around. And then it caught my eye. That sort of southwest-y weave of red, orange, and burgundy. My long lost placemats!!! Just in time for my New Year's party! My apartment and my life are finally complete, and Christmas is coming!

Life is good.


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