Monday, December 04, 2006

And now for the train wreck

So, I came home to a lovely surprise. I've been given unconditional notice to vacate my apartment by December 7 for non-payment of my rent.


I put a check in an envelope in the drop box on November 30, and thought all was well. Now they're kicking me out? *whimper*

Now, it's possible that there's something else going on. In November I got a letter in my door addressed to some one NOT me, saying that i had an outstanding water bill. I kept meaning to go into the office to ask about it, but I didn't make it in by the date they said. So I called. The girl on the phone said it sounded like there was a mistake somewhere (of the two water bills I've received, only one of them has my name, and none of them have the name of the person I know lived there right before I did).

The letter said if not-me didn't pay the water bill by the date they said, they wouldn't accept the December rent check, and late fees would accrue. Yay. So with my rent check, I put a letter explaining that I had received this notice, and I had payed the bills I'd received, but if I was owing, I would be happy to pay if they'd just address me by name and let me know how much I owed.

So now I have no idea what's going on. All I know is that I'm scared and angry, and so confused, and I can't do anything about anything until the office opens tomorrow morning. At 9AM. And I have to be at work tomorrow morning because Danny's out, and Shell people will be calling for me.

Why does this crap always happen just when I'd thought I was doing okay?


Katy said...

don't worry! the same exact thing happened to us in our apartment, only we had ACTUALLY forgotten to pay the rent check, and the cat had knocked down the late notice off the table...

all we had to do was pay what we owed, promptly, and the whole thing was like it never happened. the only difference was that they required it as a money order or cashier's check (which you can get from the 24-hour kroger on buffalo speedway).

it seems that apartments don't give a shit about who you are, or why you might owe, they just come out with the big guns all at once.

Mike said...

Hang in there. I'm sure this can all be cleared up with a phone call, pointing out some mistake they made in their records. If you need ammunition, gather up your old checks /bank statements/carbon copies, and show them where you have paid your rent every month. Chances are, they have in their records somewhere that the person living in your apartment has an outstanding debt and needs to be evicted.

It will all work out.