Monday, January 15, 2007

Cruise Journal: 12/14/2007

On Board Tourist

Today I explored the ship. Decks 4, 5, and 6 are really just corridors and cabins. Deck 6 has the Medical Center, which we checked out briefly back the other day to see if they could give us an Ace bandage. So the real exploring started on deck 7.

After breakfast, Mom, Bud, Pat, and the Coopers sat down to play cards, and I went to get my camera and notebook and pocket ship guide. I wandered through the reception area, then out onto the promenade deck (deck 7). I got up to the front, and headed up the stairs, took in a few decks, then my camera ran out of batteries. So I went into the ship to find the shops. Bought batteries and rum cake, stopped and said hi to Mom et al., then went back to my exploring. I completed my circuit around the promenade deck then began working my way up the fore decks. Deck 8 is just cabins again, so I explored the restaurants and everything on deck 9, the auditorium and casino and shops on deck 10, and the spa and observation lounge on deck 12. I couldn’t go any higher up in the fore, so I went back down, checked in on the card players again, and began on the aft decks.

After my travels, I went to a beginning Japanese lesson. Turns out my handwriting is abysmal in any language. If I ever find out I’m going to Japan, at least I’ll have a little guide to study for customary courtesy.

Now my head is hurting, so I might go lay down a bit before dinner. But I see others of my party now, so maybe I should go be social.

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