Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Three Cheers for the U.S. Postal Service!!!

So, I discovered something rather embarrassing in my mail box today. Apparently, when I threw a bunch of outgoing bill payments and business letters in the communal outgoing mail slot, I managed to also ditch an envelope full of checks written out to me that I need to deposit into my checking account. Several hundred dollars worth, actually. The only reason I know I did this is because the postal worker that collected the outgoing mail and delivered the incoming, found my envelope, noted my name (which is written inside my mail box), and put my checks back into my box. I love them forever!!!

So I have a ton of Whataburger coupons for a free burger with purchase of fries and drink. Would a couple of these, along with an eternally grateful little note be an appropriate acknowledgement of my sincere thanks? Any other suggestions?

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