Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Dangers of a 20-year-old Sorority Girl's Bathroom

So, my elbows have gotten kinda dry and rough. So I'm visiting my Mom's place this weekend, where my kid sister is living over the summer. Hell, I figure, she must have some moisturizer around here somewhere.

So after my shower I root around under the sink, and pull out a bottle that looks promising. Yay! Moisturizer.

I fail to appreciate the full significance of "Luminous Body Moisturizer" until I squeeze out some innocuous looking, creamy lotion, and start rubbing it into my elbows and forearms.

Oh. It has...


Tiny flecks of gold glitter.

Not that there's anything wrong with being sparkly and "luminous." It just seems, I dunno, a bit *much* for Smitty's Market, the BBQ shop Mom and I are hitting for lunch. And now hands to elbows I'm covered in a light dusting of... luminous.


But it does seem to have softened my elbows.

And I smell good.

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