Friday, July 06, 2007

Like a Peach

So, I had blood taken today. They're going to do an arthritis panel. I guess for rheumatoid arthritis.

*is skeered*

I didn't bruise as much as last time. But it's still a bit absurd.

The lab tech stuck the needle in, then snapped the vial into place and...

Nothing happened. There was that moment of, ummmm....

Then there was that moment where I could see her wondering, if she moved the needle around *reeeeeallly* surreptitiously, if *maybe* I wouldn't notice that she was fishing. Um, no. So she just fished. She never really got a good flow. It took forever to fill FOUR FREAKIN' VIALS.

I finally looked up, and said, "Oh yeah, I don't bleed."

She started lauging and said,

"Does this happen a lot?"

Ooooh yeah.

I also got x-rays. My bones are still all there, and that's about all I can tell. My finger bones are really little and narrow and pointy. They looked very sharp and poky.

I go back next Thursday to find out what's up.

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