Sunday, February 18, 2007

A day in the life...

My to do/shopping list for today/this week:
  • Get a haircut
  • Dye
  • Manilla folders
  • Hanging folders
  • Take computer to the shop
  • Cereal
  • Laundry
  • Take recycling
  • Deposit checks
  • Bring in patio furniture
  • Organize tax papers
  • E-mail the accountant
  • Take out trash
  • Clean out fridge
  • Return tupperware
  • Return DVDs
  • Check mail
This last task was completed and yeilded a Valentine's day card from my mom with a $20 in it. Sweet!

Also in the mail was my new health insurance card. A'ight.

Oh, huh, and a jury summons. Guess I'm finally on the radar. I haven't been summoned for jury duty since I was about 19. And then I was summoned for duty in Bexar County, while I was going to school at Rice, so Mom filled out the exemption thing and sent that in for me.

This time, there's no getting out of it. On Friday, March 16, at 8 AM. Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to it. It'll be somewhat interesting to see in person how this works.

They sent me a form to fill out and bring with me. There's this question, "Have you ever sustained any accidental bodily injury requiring medical attention?" Check "Yes" or "No" then "If yes, what type?"


Anybody know why they ask that? It seems incredibly random. Anywho. Back to crossing off things on my list.

I almost wrote down laundry twice. It's pretty urgent.


jimbo said...

They're curious about your attitudes toward suing people for personal injury damages. Lawyers are interested in that kind of thing when arguing civil cases. Probably if you answer yes, they would quiz you about it further during jury selection, and if they found out you'd been involved in such a lawsuit, one of the lawyers would move to strike you from the jury pool and you'd get to go home.

Mike said...

In Harris County, I served on a jury. It was no big deal, actually. We were asked to decide if a woman was fit to stand trial. We were never told the charges, but we were read lots of doctor's reports from the institution where she lived, all saying she was mentally unfit. So we sat in the little room for about 30 minutes, re-reading everything, then agreed with the doctors. It was a little sad, really.

Brazoria is a little different. If you get a summons, you show up and wait, then get assigned to a jury. If you don't get assigned a jury the first day, you come BACK until you do.

Luckily, the case to which I was assigned pleaded out, so I didn't have to go through a trial. I was released and sent my check for $11.00. W00T!