Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hur du Foder Upp Dina Sea-Monkeys

I really wish I knew how to put the correct diacritical marks on that. Swedish is my guess.

Anywho. My tank is all rinsed...

(Why, what's in *your* drainboard?)

...filled and prepped...

...and ready to sit for 24 or more hours until I can get back and add packet #2. Thursday's the big day, after I pay my rent and go to the bandhall to copy music, and maybe even take my computer into the shop to find out why I can't burn CDs. Then I'll come home and unwind by bringing my leetle shreempees to life. Yay! :-D

Oh, and by the way, those plates are in the drainboard because I have new ones now, and I don't know what to do with the old ones, but they were dirty, and I didn't want to keep them around like that. So I washed them. My car no longer has the same initials as Dave, though, which is sadness. :-P

Oh, and thought to ponder for the day. If I hadn't gotten a speeding ticket day after last Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have been out at the UPS store getting a form notarized. And if I hadn't been out there getting a form notarized, I wouldn't have seen the beautiful soft sunset in the sky this evening. And if I hadn't seen that sunset, some of the joy in my life right now would not have come. I would still have all the grumps not associated with my speeding ticket, and none of the gentle beauty of that sunset.

Great evil can come of great good, but great good can come of great evil. Tone down all those superlative terms like great and evil, and you have my lesson for the day.

Love you guys!

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