Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunny Alvarado, TX - Day 1

This is not a Travelblog, cuz I really haven't gone too far afield. And besides, it's for work, not fun. But still, I'm actually having an interesting enough time to write about it, which is saying something, when you look around the countryside.

The Super 8 Motel is pretty new. It has free high-speed in my room. Yippee! That means I don't have to be all lonely. I can still IM with you wonderful people. And I can blog. It has breakfast, which I haven't sampled yet. Maybe tomorrow. Only I have to be at the site by 7AM. Ick.

Speaking of ick, I had to watch a safety video today about radiation, so I could get my dosimeter badge. So I can go in the fill room. That produces less radiation than a day at the airport. The video was a taped production of a PowerPoint presentation. *shudder* But I did learn that the word "rankin" that I'd heard and the word "Roentgen" that I'd seen are *actually* the same word. So there. I suppose it was all worth it. :-P

I was also very proud of myself because today I was able to explain an electrical thing to some pretty spiffing engineers. Yay me! On the whole, I'm learning an incredible amount about some F'in' AWESOME technology. None of which am I at liberty to disclose, I imagine. Oh well!

So I'm bummed I won't be at band any this week, or get to see any my friends until I get back. But this will definitely be an amazing professional experience.

If anything else interesting happens, I'll keep y'all posted!

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