Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I might have just walked into a Dali painting.

This trip has been interesting.

I forgot to find a Bobsitter, so I did my best this morning. Hopefully it won't be like my last time out of town

overnight on business. There's more water in the tank and fewer Bobs, so maybe the air will last longer.

A Pepsi truck was broken down on I-45 in downtown Houston, so I was afraid I wouldn't get to the airport in time.

But I did.

Then I realized I left my cell phone at home.

It's a good thing the rental car agency doesn't ask for proof of insurance. I have an insurance card in my wallet. I have a current auto insurance policy. I do *not* have a current auto insurance card anywhere about my person. I'd better not get pulled over.

If you want to get stared at, be young, female, and professionally dressed.

Then go spend all day at a training facility for oil men.

And eat dinner in a restaurant mostly patronized by truckers.

Oh. And the meeting that I was helping the Shell guy present for was in a different building than the one they have me set up in. As we walked over to the meeting, it started raining.


I got soaked. Then cold.

I had an odd moment of disorientation at dinner as I sat at the counter faced by ham and eggs and cheese and grits and biscuits, pulled out my book, flipped to my bookmark (the first flat paper thing i'd grabbed from my desk last night) and realized it was the glossy business card for the Apple Store in Memorial City. This town is definitely not a Mac sort of world. :-P

By the way, I ate all of my three eggs, ham, cheese, and biscuits. I couldn't manage the grits after I put the butter in them. The butter tasted funny.

I might go back later for ice cream. After all, it's only 5:30.

It's only 5:30, but I'm pretty tired.

I miss my regularly scheduled Wednesday.

I'm worried about Bob.

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