Monday, May 14, 2007


Funny, I couldn't watch this X-Files episode when it aired originally, either. :-P Sanguinarium starts out with a woman waiting for lyposuction and a doctor with bloody hands. Oh, and a machine that makes the most *repulsive* noises. Eeeew.

So I'll listen and write a blog, and my imagination will probably fill in worse images than are actually on the screen. My calves hurt because I actually went to the exercise room and biked and jogged and walked. This is a good sign.

I made shortbread cookies last night. Actually, I made shortbread hockey pucks. I don't think I'll use that recipe again. I followed it to the letter and got hockey pucks. Ah well.

Bobs are over there. They say hi. Not sure what I'm going to do with the two tanks. New Bobs need to get bigger before I feel like transplanting in the two older Bobs. Hopefully they last that long. And hopefully transplanting them doesn't also transplant the bacteria.

There was a storm the other night. I posted a video so Amy could see the lightening. But I wanted to show you something freakin' cool!

Here's a picture of what the bayou normally looks like.
Here's what it looked like that night.

Uh-mazing. Anyhow. Nothing's really happening. But sometimes that's a relief. :-)

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