Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Odds and Ends

I promise I'm preparing a nice journal about my adventures in New Orleans, including all my stories from Jazz Fest. But in the mean time, life has continued, as it is wont to do. So while you're all waiting, breathless with anticipation......


Earlier I posted photos of my lego OCD. Well, just the other day, I found...

Gasp! A STRAY!!! Don't worry. The situation has been rectified.

So, while I was in New Orleans, I had a friend looking after Bob. I saw him on line when I was on my computer in the hotel room (I love free wi-fi) so I went to ask him how my little ones were doing. He said he had just the hour before seen all three of my sea-monkeys swimming around.

All... three?

Um, there are supposed to be four.

But maybe one was hiding behind the pirate ship. Or inside the pirate ship.


Got home, settled in, went to check on Bob, and only saw the three males. Turned the tank around, and there behind the pirate ship was my last momma Bob. Sigh.

On the up side, the one baby I knew was there when I left is still squirting around, and there are two new ones I hadn't seen before. So we're still net positive for sea-monkeys.


While I was gone, the new tank came in. With, of course, the new little packets of instant Bob.

Check out the new digs!

Check out Bob checking out the new digs!

And here's the new digs just now ready to become the new Bob!

After I give the new baby Bobs at least a week to get established, I'm going to take any surviving pirate ship baby Bobs and add them to the sparkly new tank. I'm really really hoping to keep the new tank cleaner than the old one. I've been developing some more hygenic sea-monkey habits. I wanted to cleans my little plastic pumps with boiling water, but the plastic is too soft, I find. :-P

I hope I have better luck with my new Bobs. I want them to enjoy their nice shiny new tank for a long time!

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