Monday, March 20, 2006

I Fail at Life . . . at least life as a wine connoisseur

So, while I was visting Gruene, Texas, with Mom, the kid, and my Godparents over Spring Break, I bought a bottle of wine. Now I like my wine sweet. Like, REALLY sweet. Like, grape juice with a kick. So I bought a bottle of sweet white table wine from the Wimberly Valley vinyard. Mostly, I'm hoping that having it on-hand will help me productively deal with stress-induced insomnia.

Anywho. Decided to have a glass the other evening. Of course, I don't have wine glasses. But hey, a plastic county fair cup will do just as good, right? Oh, wait. I don't have a corkscrew. Never mind. OH! I do have a corkscrew, a little cheap one attached to sort of swiss-army kitchen container-opening tool. Yay.

All right, so I get the corkscrew into the cork, and I pull. This isn't one of the fancy ones with little wingaling lever deallies, so brute force it is. Only, I'm not much of a brute, and can't seem to muster enough force. Apparently the insomnia prevention for that night was the minutes and minutes of tugging that finally wore me out. The idea of breaking the cork and pulling it out in chunks is utterly repulsive to me. So right now there's a bottle of wine with a hole in the cork sitting in my refridgerator, saran wrapped and rubber banded about the neck and cork to keep it fresh. Tomorrow I'll stop by Kroger and get some necessary hardware, I guess. For now, I just feel silly. But hey, it was an adventure!

It comes to mind that it's about time for another poem, and I feel like I'm due for another cute happy little love poem, since my last two were kind of serious. Can't have too much of that! Found this one in the files. Enjoy!

I've got a certain secret
Simmering inside,
Something rare and special
I'm trying hard to hide.

My secret makes me sparkle.
It also makes me shy,
And when I think about it
I blush to meet your eye.

That look that you just gave me,
I wonder if you knew . . .
I wonder if you've guessed by now
My secret love is you!

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