Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shall We Start a Betting Pool?

So, a lovely young lady nearly related to myself has been seeing an awful lot of a particular young gentleman. He's in her A&M geology class (he's also in the corps and plays baritone in the band) and he happens to live in Schertz, the same town her mother lives in. I mention no names. If you know me, you've guessed by now who the young lady is.

When one contacts this young lady via cell phone, one will almost always hear his voice in the background at some point. He and a friend helped her get home for spring break, since she was on medication and shouldn't drive. So he drove her car and his friend drove his. He went out of state over break to visit his girlfriend, but only because he couldn't return or transfer the ticket, and they broke up while he was there.

After he came back, he spent at least some portion of every day in her company. He took her to the dentist, took her with some friends camping, and even offered to take her shopping (she declined in order to actually spend some time with her mother). But apparently, there's nothing there, they're just really good friends. Dude. I wish a guy I liked wanted to spend that much time with me, even if only as friends. So. Any bets on how long this friends thing will last? ;-)

While we're talking about betting pools, if there were any out there on how long it would take my apartment complex to actually do something about the leak over my bedroom window, then stay tuned. A guy came out Monday to actually look at the window. Then he even looked at the exterior facade. And I believe he might have examined the window of the unit above. Amazing! Water apparently obeys the laws of gravity! And apparently I tend to use italics a lot when I'm being sarcastic.

I've been battling this thing since last August, so who knows what they'll find when they take the wood down and look at the sheetrock. It's not like Houston has an arid sort of climate. But I got a notice today that they will first do repairs on the upstairs window, hopefully this week, then they'll do mine. I'll let y'all know how it goes. The end of this ordeal just might be in sight!

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