Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Life is Excsmiting!

When you can't find the perfect word, make one up! My new word, excsmiting, actually means exactly what it says. My life right now is both exciting, and . . . kicking my butt.

Excited about: Graduation Announcements and Regalia ordered: I'm gunna walk this May!

Smitten by (and not in a good way): The 20 page translation project and two 15-20 page seminar papers due before I get there.

Excited about: Drum Major/drum minor interviews for the MOB this weekend, and I get to be on the panel that helps pick them.

Smitten by: I don't get to go to Enchanted Rock this weekend as I'd planned.

Excited about: Soon being gainfully employed so I can buy a new computer and pay off my student loans.

Smitten by: The thought of job interviews, and the fact that I have to update my resume soon and don't have the time.

So in honor of all the insanity, both enjoyable and disturbing, that drives my existence at the moment, here are the two weirdest poems I've ever written. Please . . . just . . . don't ask.

pigeons, pigeons, everywhere,
pigeons, pigeons, in my hair.
pigeons, pigeons, don't be skeerd!
pigeons, pigeons, y'all're weird!


"I pity da fool," Mr. T. said,
"Dat don't know a cabbage from dey own head."
"I pity the fool, Mr. T.," said I,
"That doesn't know cabbage falls from the sky."

I told you not to ask! Sometimes my muse has a warped sense of humor. :-P

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