Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Going Silent Soon . . . even more than normal

Not that I update every day, but this really ought to be my last one for a while. I have two and a half weeks before one paper is due, and then two more paper things are due the weeks following. I really need to get to work. In the next two weeks I resolve:

  • NOT to visit my usual blogs every day, only on Sundays.
  • NOT to post comments to any and every message board I frequent.
  • NOT to visit Myspace just to gaze happily at my cute little profile.
  • NOT to watch any season of CSI on DVD.
  • NOT to read any books for fun that I haven't already read and can therefore put down at any time.
  • NOT to visit with Willie for hours in the band hall, except maybe on Fridays, and *maybe* this Thursday. We'll see how work is going.

This means I will be eating lots of comfort food (fried chicken, ice cream, etc.) and curling up on my couch reading and highlighting and typing furiously. If you wonder at any point in time how I'm doing, picture that and you won't be far from wrong. And if you want to come by and bring me ice cream or fried chicken, just call ahead. It's doubtful I'll say no :-P.

As a quick update, I have an interview on May 1 for a tech writing job with a company called PROS and I have an appointment next week to meet with the owner of IDI to talk about possible opportunities with her company. As soon as things calm down, I'm going to start bugging the prof who promised he try to think of people in the med center for me to talk to about proofing and cite-checking journal submissions.

I'm glad that lent is almost over. Of course, what I gave up for lent is not something I can with a clean conscience bounce right back into as soon as Easter hits, so I will have to have a long talk with myself as to what my goals are in that area. I kinda wish I'd just given up chocolate or something!

All right. Back to my reading. I'll give a full report sometime mid-May, I'm sure. See y'all on the other side!

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