Saturday, April 22, 2006


"Residents please be careful not to distrub [sic] the hive above the canopy in courtyard one - closest to Dincans."
Oh, this is what I wanted to see this morning. Especially printed in all caps when my eyes already hurt. I'll spare you the accuracy in capitalization.
"The hive is in the tree."

"They will re-locate hopefully over the weekend."
Well I'm glad to hear they were served an eviction notice! Ten bucks says they ignore it.
"The nest was disturb [sic] this AM - so they are just protecting the queen bee."
Oh, no, we can't blame the bees. Wouldn't anyone protect their queen if she was disturb? I mean, a bee's gotta do what a bee's gotta do, huh? I wish I had minions to protect me when I'm, heh, disturb.
"We have called a professional and he said he would be here Mon. if the hive has not moved on."
Oh, a FORCIBLE eviction! Heh, can I watch?
"Please be alert when outside this weekend."
Oh, I'll BEE alert all right! :-P. Maybe I just won't go outside. Bzzzzzzzzz.........


Ellen Collison said...

"Distrub" - I like.

BTW, parabéns, ElfOwl! :)

laura said...

Obrigado, E.C.! (And no I don't speak Portuguese, but I do speak Babelfish. :-P) Thanks for stopping by!

Ellen Collison said...

Well, see, I think I've acutally spelled it "distrub" a few times myself...

( )
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