Thursday, April 06, 2006

To say it's complex is to grossly over-simplify . . .

Other than it's general applicability to life, the title really has nothing to do with today's post. My prof just said something like that in class, and I thought it was hilarious.

As for how class went, well, my head is pounding its way out of my ears, feels like, but I think I actually *got* something Edward Said wrote. This is a real break-through for me! That guy's brilliant, and makes his points deceptively clear. Ow. Stopping thinking now.

In other news, I have had two phone interviews with two different divisions of the same company who both managed to come across my resume (disseminated by a friend who works for that firm). One of them probably isn't for me. It involves lots of travel, which I like in theory, but that's *business* travel, which can get hectic. I kinda like visiting places at a leisurely rate and then coming back home and relaxing. It also involves a lot of face time with clients, and as we all know, I'm excruciatingly shy (no, really, I am!).

The other people I talked to are in the technical services division, which includes the technical writing team. They want to do an on-site interview with me now! Apparently they just don't hire entry level tech writers, but they are, according to my inside sources, all a-buzz about me. And that's just the *first* company I've sent a resume to. I still hate interviews, but this really boosts my confidence, so maybe I'll survive them!

My only real problem right now is the lingering "God, why am I here? What task do you have for me?" problem. I'm pretty sure I'll have that one for a while. All I can do is make the best plans for the future I can and work towards their fulfilment. I'm sure he'll step in at some point. But this lent I've had my own prayer that I thought I would share, now that lent is almost over. Okay, after this I'm going to go take my bubblebath.
May the nails of the cross fix my heart to your purpose.
As you took up your burden, help me take up mine.
Lord, guide my feet on the rough road before me.
Let it be done to me according to thine.

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