Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bobday: The Morning After

Heh, yeah, right. Like I saw any of the morning side of today. I guess I woke up and saw daylight at some point and pulled the covers over my head.

There's something unhealthy in my during-the-week sleeping habits, I think. I never used to be able to sleep more than 10 hours at a stretch, but then, I did that a lot more often.

Now it's more like 6-7 hours a night during the week, then some sort of marathon on Saturday, where I can easily sleep 12-13 hours if I let myself. And I've been letting myself in the interest of NOT GETTING FRIGGIN' SICK ANYMORE.

So I skipped mass this morning, and now, it's like, 6:30 in the evening. Jeez. So much for evening mass, which I thought I'd make it to.

Anywho. Bobday was great. I made a sign, and there's Bob wearing some silver Mardi Gras beads and the hat I made for him! :-P

We had sparkling wit, brilliant conversation, and of course legos and NES. And crepes. And the best damned whip cream ever. I'll have to quadruple the recipe next time, instead of doubling it.

But I realized something somewhat disturbing yesterday. I couldn't find any squizzlets. No baby Bobs. Absolutely zero Bob Jrs. This is not happy. There were at least 3, and now there aren't any. And they can't have grown that quick. And no, sea-monkeys do not eat their young.

And then this evening we had a somewhat terrifying moment. My biggest, prettiest sea-monkey, the large female who should be laying eggs any day now, was down at the bottom of the tank, apparently struggling as some trailing strands of gunk were caught all around her little legs, and keeping her from swimming away! Eep! This has never happened before, but I think the bacteria in the tank took off a bit, and that a fluffy mass of it just sort of engulphed her.

That decided it. I immediately moved the Bobs to a separate glass and began straining their water through a coffee filter. I know I've lost some dormant eggs, and they really seem to miss the algae at the bottom, but I think this was the best thing to do. I made sure to use my aqua-leash to squirt the water around the bottom of the tank and the ship to make sure I got all the gunk stuck down to stuff up and floating. I got all the water filtered, and everybody back into the tank.

Oh, and for folks who have asked, I now know that I have 9 adult Bobs. I counted them as I moved them one by one. I also found another little black Bob body, so hopefully cleaning that out will reduce the bacteria growth, and also hopefully the stuff I ordered to get rid of the bacteria comes sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile everyone seems happier, and I've given them an extra feeding, since I took away what was in the water from Friday. Here's hoping things go more smoothly for a while. I'm still upset about the baby Bobs being gone. :-/

Updates as details warrant!

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