Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good news/Bad news

It's been that sort of day. Good news first. I learned something new about sea-monkeys!

I've been pretty darn sure that my biggest, most energetic sea-monkey is female. She developed some black patches near the base of her tail which I decided must be egg pouches.

I was wondering a couple of days ago if one of my other sea-monkeys had picked up something or had something stuck on his head. There was this sort of saucer shaped whisker sort of formation. Sort of like Jamie from Mythbusters' mustache. Well, I think the sea-monkeys with those are male.

Because he's used those whiskers to clamp onto the female sea-monkey and now she's having to haul him all over the tank. I think she tried to knock him off by ramming him into the mast of the pirate ship. I was amused. :-P

So my sea-monkeys are definitely getting all grown up, and it's exciting!

But I'm also sad and a bit worried.

Two Bobs are sort of laying on their backs at the bottom of the tank, weakly waving their legs, and sluggishly scooting around every so often. They don't look so good. I feel really helpless about it too.

I'm worried that the bacteria that I think might be forming in the tank is NOT helping their health. The sea-monkey folk make an additive to combat bacterial growth, and I actually ordered some over the weekend, but it won't be here for weeks.

All I can do is try to find something to isolate them in and make sure to squirt them with aerated water so they don't have such a hard time breathing. I hope they'll be better in time for Bobday. :-/

Keep your fingers crossed.

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