Friday, April 20, 2007

No News

I've heard nothing new about my cousin's baby. All I have to report is a little drama with Bob.

My biggest female laid her eggs, and they're hatching. Four new squizzlets at least, as far as I can count. Which isn't well, since the baby Bobs don't stay still for long.

But I've been worried about their mother. She seemed to be spending way too much time butting her head against the tank floor, instead of darting around all over the tank like she normally does. So I sequestered her last night in a little dish that has apparently become the sea-monkey infirmary. I aerated the water as much as I could, and sprinkled a little extra food for her.

This morning she was skimming along the top of the water, which I think was a good sign. I opened the blinds and put the tank and the dish on the table where they could get a little indirect sunlight all day. When I came home from work she was much more lively, and I've put her back into the tank with the others.

I'm still worried. She beats her little leg-fin-gills with a sort of labored lethargy, and moves around more than she was, but is still at the bottom a lot. What bothers me most, though, is her color. She was flushed and somewhat pinky, but now she's almost completely colorless. Also, the gold-brown stripe she had along her back, like the others, has changed.

This worries me most, because this stripe is their digestive track, and while the others look healthy and well fed, the stripe she has is very dark and stops about a quarter of the way down her body. This seems to me like she's having trouble digesting her food, and that it's not passing through her right, but is instead possibly rotting inside of her! I am trying not to be paranoid, but I'm new at this sea-monkey thing.

I guess this seems like much ado about nothing, and I've taken some ribbing for being so attached to my Bobs. But this is what's going on these days, in lieue of more significant news.

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