Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is your OCD. This is your OCD on legos.

Today has not been a creative day. It's been an order and organization day. Too bad I didn't have any intensive editing to do when I went in to work. Just analysis and synthesis. I couldn't really get my brain to do it very well. I've been trying to write a blog for a few days now. That's not going to happen just yet.

But, I had legos all over the place. And X-Files on TV. And time on my hands.

So, now every piece that has a like piece is now stuck to that like piece. Sigh.

That's Bob in the background of the first photo. Bob is doing well. Still pulling wisps of bacteria out every few days. Lost a squizzlet. But the others are doing well, and another of the females is getting close to laying eggs.

And speaking of X-Files, I blew my tax refund over at Amazon. I found out that the Slim Sets of the X-Files seasons are less than half the cost of the regular editions. For some reason. Whatever. I bought them all.

Because I felt like it. :-P

They'll be coming in on Wednesday. Only I'll be out of town. So a friend's going to come check my doorstep, because the last couple of times UPS has come after apartment office hours and left things on my doorstep when I wasn't home.

Hmm. The load of laundry I have in the wash has been done for a few hours now, I guess. I'll go take care of that.

Not really ready to face a new week. Ready or not...

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