Saturday, June 03, 2006

Drips :-(

I meant to give everyone an update here before this, but things have been a little hectic since Wednesday, when I got a note saying that my apartment complex could not would not fix my leaky window. That the problem is structural, the building is old, and I could either find a way to live with it, or they would be willing to let me out of my lease early with no penalty.

Upon reading this, I cursed and threw my keys across the room, plopped down on the couch, and cried out of sheer frustration. I've worked so hard to make a home for myself here. I've got my pictures on the wall, my china cabinet filled with my miniature tea set collection, my white board, everything set up just the way I want it. I'm close to my friends and my activities and my Rice Owls, and the rent is cheaper than anything I can expect to find nearby. The complex said I might be able to move into another unit here, if/when they find out that one is coming open, but that any unit could be subject to problems like I've been having, and that other units have similar problems, etc. To be honest, it sounded like they'd be happy to be rid of me.

So, in spite of the roots I was starting to put down, and my hopes that I'd be able to settle here for a few years at least and have a little stability, it looks like I'll be moving some time in July or August. My 8 weeks trial at IDI will be up sometime in August, and I'm worried about making a decision before I'm sure I have permanent employment. The 8 weeks might be shortened to 4 if I'm doing a really good job and look like a really good fit, though, so I'm hoping for that.

I especially want things to be solid at IDI before I move because I'm looking at a complex that's up off of East T. C. Jester, just about two feet from the office. It's more expensive than my place now, but it is a little bigger. I wouldn't save enough in gas money to make up for the rent increase, but I *would* save myself some highway driving risks. And when the highway we're talking about is the 59/610 interchange, the West Loop through the Galleria, the West Loop passing over I-10, and the 290/North Loop interchange, well, it seems likely I might be saving myself the cost of a new car. That's some dangerous road. As I well know. Sigh.

I *will* be writing an angry letter to the complex owners. I *will* be reading over my lease agreement. And I *will* be requesting that they pay my relocation expenses. We'll see how that goes. Anyone know a good lawyer?

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Eris said...

Sorry no good lawyers to pass on. Or any bad ones, for that matter. If it's any consolation, being in a house (as opposed to an apartment) hasn't been without its issues as well. Aside from the whole building the wrong house, we've had a leak in the attic (bad construction), a still undetermined methane leak (at least it's now venting outside), and a drainage issue (though we are providing needed housing for the mosquito population in the Greater Belleville area). =) Moving is the right call. :-)