Friday, June 09, 2006

New Digs!

Well, I was productive today. I signed on a new apartment! Check it out!

I'll have a second floor unit with a bayou view. I went and looked at my view. Lots of trees, and the green slopes of the bayou. It's a little smaller than here, and I lose a closet and some pantry room to the balcony, I guess. But it will be a 10 minute drive to work with no highways, and it still has quick freeway access, because it's right off of I-10.

It has a washer and dryer, too! And my apartment will no longer front a street that provides parking for a bar. It's expensive, the new place. But now I have a job, and it's cheaper than anything else comperable in the area.

Most importantly, it's a 4 year old building, not a 30 year old one that leaks!


Will said...

Yay! This seems to be the time for many of the Suspects to get new places. Welcome to the club. ;-)

Eris said...

Hmm... your new digs are possibly younger than our house. Methinks we've been up here way too long.... :-)