Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The odds and ends of my life right now. It's possible I'll regret having stayed up to write this when my alarm goes off at 7 AM tomorrow. But I won't regret having spent a few hours with good friends at Brian O'Neill's.

My application for the new apartment got approved today! It's one of those things you never really worry about, but then when you know it's all okay, you realize how much it would have sucked if it wasn't.

I logged client-billable hours today loading boxes onto a dolly and taking them to a coworker's car.

I'm eating pop-tarts and drinking milk right now, and I won't tell you what the date is on the milk bottle because you'll all be appalled, but it smells okay and tastes okay, so it won't kill me, and I can't waste good food, somehow.

Finally, I haven't posted any poetry in a while, so here's one.
The sun breaks through the clouds
And falls on my head
A benediction
Healing by the laying on of hands
Then it's gone
The hand withdrawn
But the blessing
Lives on.
Night, y'all.

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