Monday, June 19, 2006

Gloop Gloop!

I dreamt all morning of living in a house where when it rained, water seeped in through the floorboards. I got up this morning and emptied the mixing bowls on my bedroom window sill. They were pretty full. I drove off to work this morning in a pouring rain. Three of my coworkers didn't come in because their houses had water in them. I drove by my soon to be new home on the White Oak Bayou this afternoon. Doesn't look like it got flooded, so I think I'll be all right there. Anyone building an ark yet? It's supposed to rain some more.

In other news, how 'bout them RICE OWLS! Still undefeated in Omaha. We play next on Wednesday evening. So I won't be rehearsing with the Houston Concert Band that night! :-P

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Eris said...

Lots of Gloops today. :-) I've been keeping up with the weather down there from up here. Can't say I miss the flooding or the walk into the Medical Center from the Rice Stadium lot. We just finished a minor heat spell up here. The temperature hits 90 degrees and everyone panics. Actually, it really only has to hit 80....

Hope you manage to stay bearably dry! ;-)