Saturday, June 03, 2006

New and Improved!

Now for the good news! My first two days at work were FABULOUS! On Thursday I put in 4 client billable hours editing a draft that had been reviewed and marked by the client, incorporating their redlines, adding captions and cross-references, and bringing it in line with the formatting specifications. Friday I overheard the writer I edited for telling the boss that I'd done a really good job! Yay!

On Friday the project lead started me on some web traning. He encouraged me to go at my own pace, take breaks when I needed to, and that he expected it would take me more than one day, and that I would probably finish some time on Monday. At 3:15 in the afternoon I asked him where I could find the rest of the course. He came over and looked at the windows I had open, and looked at me, and said, "So you've done all of these?" And I said, "Yes, and I took the test, here, and got all the questions right."

Him: "You got them all right? Wow!"
Me: "So is there anything else I need to do?"
Him: "No, you're finished. Wow. I was expecting . . . Okay, great! Hmmm."
Me: "So what can I do now?"
Him: "Hmmm. What can I have you do? Give me a few minutes, and I'll try to find something."

So he found me some stuff to read over that explains in detail how the client documents should be structured and formated. I read over that, then went to him with some questions I had about information that was missing. He said those were good points, and if I could please note any suggestions I had . . .

Me: "Oh, should I mark the typos too?"
Him: "There are typos?"
Me: "A few, and some inconsistencies in formatting."
Him: "Please!"

So at 5:00 PM I handed him a redlined copy of the style documents, and asked if there was anything else before I went home. He said, "No. Thanks! I'll have a project ready for you Monday."

I replied, "I'll be ready for a project Monday!"

Next week I'll view an apartment I could move into in early August, and I'll work really hard to shorten my trial period. Wish me luck!

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Eris said...

'Tis late in coming, but I wish you luck! :) Not that you apparently need any. In fact, I'm thinking you might have some to spare.... ;-)