Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Long meandering blog with little of substance to say

Substance, such as it is, first. I have two tickets to the Opera in the Heights production of Mozart's Don Giovanni for Friday, March 23 at 7:30pm. I only take up one seat. If you would like to accompany me, I have officially started taking bribes. :-P


The Denny's by my office takes take-out orders over the phone. This is a beautiful thing. I placed my order today and wandered that direction. It wasn't easy to get to, but I got a scenic tour of the artificial lake that sits in the middle of our business complex. Got startled by an enourmous white Koi rising eerily through the murky brown water as I walked by. Found a cubby-corner between the wings of a self-storage facility on the way that held a sleeping bag, some cardboard, and a pile of styrofoam take-out rubbish and beer bottles. I can't even begin to process how that made me feel. Got my Grand Slam and came back, to be hailed by duckies hoping for handouts. Sorry, webby dudes. All mine. Over all, more a Friday in jeans sort of trek. Maybe I'll sit and feed the ducks some day. When it isn't so damp.


Boblets still on the up and up. Thank you for all the kind inquiries. Oh. Hold on. I need to go order a Million-Bubbles Air Pump.


Never mind. Found a good suggestion on line about how to use the Aqua-Leash as a pump. I'd thought of that myself and forgoten. I'll just do that. Anyways...


Oh, I called the city and found out that my court case got dismissed. Guess they found my driver safety course paper work after all. All's well that ends something something...


If you're wondering why I'm so scattered, check this out:

(19:14:28) leberwick: i got up at 5:30 on monday
(19:14:32) lia0049: eww
(19:14:37) leberwick: drove to the airport in the rain
(19:14:42) leberwick: boarded on time-ish
(19:14:47) leberwick: then sat on the tarmac for an hour
(19:15:01) leberwick: got to new orleans 10 minutes before my meeting was supposed to start
(19:15:11) leberwick: caught a cab for the 20 minute ride to shell
(19:15:29) leberwick: stood in the lobby for 20 minutes while we tried to get hold of *someone* who could come and get me
(19:15:50) leberwick: finally got carted up to the 20th floor to find my meeting was on the 34th
(19:16:02) leberwick: but i wasn't late because they pushed it back for the other folks flying in fromhouston
(19:16:06) leberwick: who never made it
(19:16:17) lia0049: sheesh.
(19:16:19) leberwick: sat in a conference room with them on speaker phone for 4 hours
(19:16:30) leberwick: was told my flight home would be delayed
(19:16:35) lia0049: sheesh.
(19:16:39) leberwick: rushed to the airport anyway
(19:16:54) leberwick: found out it *wasn't* delayed, and i got there 10 minutes before boarding
(19:16:58) leberwick: got on the plane
(19:17:01) leberwick: flew home
(19:17:08) lia0049: yaggh.
(19:17:09) leberwick: ran by chick-fil-a
(19:17:16) lia0049: YUM
(19:17:18) leberwick: crashed in the bandhall
(19:17:20) lia0049: that'll make a day better
(19:17:27) leberwick: ate, checked e-mail for the first time ALL DAY
(19:17:35) leberwick: and pestered tim, who looked like he wanted to nap
(19:17:44) leberwick: had a jazz band rehearsal
(19:17:56) leberwick: sat around while tim gave marjorie a trombone lesson
(19:18:06) leberwick: took tim home, because his car was in the shop
(19:18:08) leberwick: came home
(19:18:14) lia0049: fun!
(19:18:15) leberwick: at somewhere around 11pm
(19:18:18) leberwick: finally
(19:18:21) leberwick: and
(19:18:23) leberwick: couldn't
(19:18:24) leberwick: sleep
(19:18:29) lia0049: ugh


Ooh, pretty colors!


Brain headed that way.......................................

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